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Adding the second addition

The pups are doing great! Rachelle (now Fiona) is obsessed with Finn. Finn is getting used to not being the only pup around and has warmed up to Fiona. Fiona has become a mini celebrity in our neighborhood with everyone wanting to meet her when she is outside.

Sean Mclean

Tag and her big sister

This little dog has got everything figured out. She is a masterful hunter. Endless energy. Two months ago she got second place in the EDFG club field trial. She is also just a joy to have around the house. Playful, affectionate, mischievous…. She is the best.

Stephen Opuszynski

Bird Hunter

Tag is doing just wonderful. She is about 41LBS and did in fact make several hunts this past 5 weeks and her pointing, skill and field dominance has been just terrific. She has given us about 16 pheasant on solo hunts and another 25 or so, hunting with my 8.5 yr old GSP ( JAX).

Atlas saved our family!

If you want to bring joy to your family and life- then you need to adopt from playful pals! Atlas saved my husbands life before he even turned 1 years old! We celebrate him everyday! He is brilliant, obedient, loves all children and animals and my husband wouldn’t be alive without him! We’ve had many dog family members and where you find your family addition makes all the difference in the world! I trust this breeder; and if you want a healthy, happy and loving puppy-I recommend that you adopt from here! My husband would also say incredible hunting dog- but our Atlas is so much more than that!

Laura Attieh

We adopted Della back in

We adopted Della back in November and she is doing great! She loves her new home!

Madison T

Easy Training

I just wanted to let you know that Hayden is doing amazing! From the second we came home he is toileting outside! He also is sleeping great at night in his crate! No crying.


Love my new pup!

Dixie (Samantha) is doing great! Just turned 8 months on October 26. She loves car rides, jumping on anything and playing with her brother Jax! Our girls love her so much. Thanks again! We will keep sending pics

Bryan Chism

Sandy Rose

I adopted Sandy back in April 2022. She has been the best puppy. Thank you so much! We also got the xmas cookies. This is a wonderful place to adopt a puppy from love!

Jessica Craig

Friendly Dog

Bear is 19 months old and the friendliest dog to any other dog or person and he loves kids just overall an awesome dog totally inseparable from our family forever!!

Britton Walter

Love our girl!!

We adopted our girl 7 months ago and she is the sweetest best tempered dog. She is going to be trained on birds but already loves pointing out birds and squirrels. She is on the smaller end but we love her so much. Perfect addition to our family.

Kaila B

Official Hunter!!

I  wanted to give you an update on Walker aka Kasper. He is doing great! He just finished bird training and absolutely loves finding the birds. He has become an amazing part of our little family! Here is a picture of him at his first official bird hunt!

Corrine Bachert

Healthy and Active!

I renamed my boy I got from you guys; this is Bentley! He’s gonna be 1yrs on the 28th of December! He’s brought nothing but joy into my life & my family! He’s been healthy since day 1 & is so active! Thank you again!

Dillon Mann

Training is Progressing Wonderful!

Hope you and your family are doing well. My new pup Toby, 5 months old just completed three weeks of puppy boot camp and graduated with flying colors. Next week we will begin group training classes. At this time, he is progressing well, the joy of my life, at 40 pounds.

Elvira Causey

A True Hunter

At 15 month old Daisy is not only a great family dog but, she is also becoming a very good hunting dog as well! I have been training her myself and she is a natural! This past weekend I introduced her to live birds and gunfire. She did great in locating, pointing, and retrieving them.

Demetrios Deoudes

Wonderful puppy!!

We picked up our puppy a little less than a week ago. She’s wonderful! Great temperament, eager to learn, sweet with our kids and other animals! Already knows how to sit and has done well with housebreaking. So smart and attentive! Very excited for our new addition, Moxie!

Katie Mrosko

Doing Great

Rover’s doing great! I attached a photo of him. Thank you so much!! We are so happy.

Kaitlin Keene


Our puppies are doing great! Thanks so much.

Desirae Mascilli


Thank you so much! Our pup has been the most lovely handful ever. He is so happy already.

Sophia Moore

Our Pup

Our puppy has been doing great in just a few days. Smart and happy!

Laurie Pracher

So Beautiful

Pepper is doing well! She is so beautiful and people stop to see her and have even come out of their house to meet her when we walk by. There are no other GSP’s in our the neighborhood so she gets all the attention!

Jim P.


Just wanted to send you a picture of Sam with his new fur-ever family!! We are beyond thankful to you and your family for helping us to complete our family once again! Prayers, love and thankfulness.

Tara & Dennis Butfiloski